How to Decorate a Sports Bar

Posted August 26th, 2013 by Amanda

A Harrison Twp sports bar is a go-to destination for major sports enthusiasts. It’s the chance for you to get with your buddies, down chicken wings and nachos, and cheer on your favorite team playing on the big screen. While alcohol may be served, it’s more about the competition and camaraderie involved than anything else. Plus, sports bars are known to serve some amazing appetizers and meals. If you work at a sports bar, it’s up to you to make the experience fun and memorable for customers. To pull this off, go all out with decorations so you can obtain the right atmosphere of a great sports bar.


There are several themes you can incorporate into the decor of a sports bar. Maybe you’re in a college town or there’s a sports arena nearby. Take this as a chance to decorate your bar according to this team. Put up team paraphernalia and adorn the walls with team colors. If there are 2 opposing teams in one area, however, you might not want to go with this theme. 

Another idea is an old-fashioned sports bar theme. Put up antique sports gear and vintage decorations. Hide away technology such as a stereo in a cabinet when it’s not being used. Set up a wooden bar with stools for that old-timey feel. Painted and engraved mirrors, ceiling lamps, and brass fixtures are nice touches. Another way to stay traditional is to set up pool tables and dartboards.

One other way to include a cool theme is to make your sports bar a game center of sorts. Along with the usual pool table and dartboards, add in other game stations. Old-style arcade machines, Foosball tables, air hockey tables, prize-grab games, and pinball machines are bound to please customers. The more stations you have, the more customers will have to do and the more likely they’ll return.


For general decorations, be sure you follow these tips. Jazz up the place with a neon sign that tells you the name of the bar or has a witty expression related to sports. Mirrors should be added to make the place larger and better lit. You can place decorations and dishes in front of the mirrors so they will look abundant. Lay out small bowls and dishes filled with peanuts and pretzels. Put coasters that have your bar’s name on it on the bars and tables. Last, hang up jerseys, posters, pennants, and other sports paraphernalia on the walls of your Harrison Twp Sports Bar.